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FIlm processing

Process your memories with Dury’s! Our team handles each and every negative with the care they deserve, and you always get your negatives back.

In house services

  • ‍C-41 Processing:$5.99/roll
  • Roll 35mm/120mm Standard Scans: $5.99
  • Roll 35mm/120mm Hi Res Scans:$9.99
  • 4x6 Prints at time of processing:$0.29
  • 5x7 Prints at time of processing:$0.99

Send out services

  • ‍Black and White Processing:$10
  • Push/Pull (B/W only):$5
  • APS Film Develop and Scan:$15
  • APS Film Scan Only:$10
  • 110/126 C41 Film Develop Only:$10
  • 110/126 C41 Film Develop and Scan:$15
  • 110/126 B/W Film Develop Only:$15
  • 110/126 /W Film Develop and Scan:$20
  • Sheet Film Processing:$8 per sheet

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